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Get help when playing the Scrabble® Crossword game, Words with Friends®, Literati, Jumble Words, Text Twist, Word Whomp, Chicktionary, Wordscraper, Lexulous, Wordfeud, other similar word games. Scrabble®, Words with Friends®, or Literati, or other word games cannot be played here, this tool only helps you find words for those word games.

US English tournament words, SOWPODS, Collins (CSW), Words with Friends, ENABLE (English), ODS (French), German, and Zingarelli (Italian, Unofficial), and OpenTaal (Dutch) wordlists are currrently available. Diacritical marks are ignored.

Enter rack letters in the text box labeled "Rack". Enter an asterisk (*) or space to represent up to three blank tiles.

Optionally, tiles from the playing board can be added to your rack to make words. Board letters can be entered in the box labeled Start, Anywhere, or End. Answers will have Beginning board letters near the beginning and Ending board letters near the end. Click the adjacent "Find Words" button to get possible answers.

Beginning, Anywhere and End tiles are treated as though they are on separate places on the board. Therefore, only one letter from the Start, Anywhere or End box will be considered when making a word. See the Advanced Word Finder Help for examples.

To make words using letters already on the board with predetermined spacing, enter them in the boxes labeled "Match Fixed Space Board Letters" and click the adjacent "Find Words" button.

Need more Words with Friends Help? Beat the Words with Friends Scrabble Cheat with the Words with Friends Word Builder that uses the entire grid, or lookup Words With Friends words in the Words with Friends Dictionary.

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