Official Word Lists for Scrabble ®

Scrabble® Word Lists :: Overview

Scrabble® word lists are available in many languages for official tournaments, friendly games and brain training.  There is not a single official Scrabble® word list for a myriad of reasons, including the fact that different languages warrant the use of their own unique lists, languages evolve and opinions differ about permissible words applicable to any of the several variations of crossword board games based on Scrabble®.  Accordingly, just as lexicographers use restricted word lists of high-frequency words to produce simple definitions for published dictionaries, various word game player associations from different regions around the world produce an array of lexicons that are updated periodically and generally designate word lists differentiated by an edition number or the year of a particular version for competitive play. Word game aficionados generally reference the most renowned Scrabble word lists as acronyms, which are deciphered below with links to more detailed information about the most popular official and unofficial Scrabble word lists.

TWL :: Tournament Word List (TWL)

TWL is the official Scrabble® word list for tournaments in the United States, Canada and Thailand. The TWL is based on the Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary (OSPD) with modifications to make it more suitable for tournament play, and is often referred to simply as the Official Word List (OWL) or the Official Tournament and Club Word List (OtaCWL).

SCRABBLE®. TWL, and OSPD are trademarks registered in the US and Canada by Hasbro Inc. has no affiliation with SCRABBLE® or Hasbro in any way.

CSW :: Collins Scrabble® Words (Collins)

The Collins Scrabble® Words word list, also known as simply Collins or the CSW, is the TWL counterpart for official British Scrabble® tournaments.  The Collins Scrabble® word list is sometimes referred to as CSTCWL, an acronym for Collins Scrabble Tournament and Club Word List.

SOWPODS :: Scrabble® Official Words/Players Official Dictionary of Scrabble®

SOWPODS is the English-language Scrabble® word list used in official international tournaments conducted outside of the United States, Canada and Thailand.

Words With Friends :: Official Words with Friends® Word List®

The official Words with Friends® word list is a modified version of the public domain word list known as ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon), rather than being based on an official Scrabble® word lists.

ENABLE :: Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon

ENABLE is an English-language word list compiled from a combination of sources that was released into the public domain by Alan Beale, and which was modified by Zynga to become the official Words with Friends word list.

TAAL :: Dutch Scrabble® Word List (OpenTaal)

The Dutch language Scrabble® word list is based on an open source project known as OpenTaaL (Open Language). The OpenTaal community participates in the project under the cooperative leadership of a public-private venture comprised of the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie), the formal Dutch language institute, and a Dutch nonprofit foundation.

ODS :: Official French Scrabble® Word List (L’Officiel du Scrabble)

ODS is the official reference the official French-language word list for Francophone Scrabble.  Since January 1990, Larousse has published the ODS which is based on le Petit Larousse Illustre (PLI). Published in 2011, ODS6, the sixth and current release of the ODS French-language word list contains 64,973 permissible words for tournament play.

Zingarelli :: Italian Scrabble® Word List

The Italian language Scrabble® word list is based on the Zingarelli®, the classic modern Italian dictionary originally developed by Italian philologist Nicola Zingarellia and published annually by the Zanichelli publishing house.

WordNet :: StoreFinder Dictionary

The StoreFinder dictionary is based on the English Wordnet, a large English-language lexical database developed originally in the mid-1980’s under the direction of professor George Armitage Miller at the Cognitive Science Laboratory of Princeton University.

StoreFinder Unofficial Word Lists

In addition to the plethora of word lists integrated with our free dictionary search services, both the StoreFinder Word Finder and StoreFinder Word Helper also support several unofficial word lists for playing or cheating at online word games, or for simply brain training.

German :: Unofficial

German Scrabble Word Finder and German Help are culled from various resources to produce the unofficial word list.

Portuguese :: Unofficial

Portuguese Word Finder and Portuguese Helper are culled from various resources to produce an unofficial word list.

Spanish:: Unofficial

Spanish Word Finder and Spanish Word Helper are culled from various resources to produce the unofficial word list.

Swedish :: Unofficial

Swedish Word Finder and Swedish Word Helper are culled from various resources to produce the unofficial word list.

Other Unofficial Word Lists

There are, of course, countless other unofficial word lists, however, the vast majority of those word lists are not actively supported and are subsumed by the the latest word lists offered through StoreFinder free online services. The unofficial word lists identified below are noteworthy as significant historical references.

CED88 :: Chambers English Dictionary, 1988 Edition

The 1988 edition of the Chambers English Dictionary was source dictionary for the first release of Official Scrabble® Words (OSW) word list, and a dictionary of reference for longer words in British play.

OSW :: Official Scrabble® Words

There were four releases of the Official Scrabble® Words (OSW1, OSW2, OSW3, OSW4) which served as the official reference in British tournament play from 1989 until approximately 2000.

Difference Between a Word List and Dictionary

The primary difference between a dictionary and a word list that a word list is simply a list or set of words. A dictionary provide definitions that explain the meaning of words, as well as additional information about how those words are used within a language. Words Lists, as the name implies, are simply a list of words without definitions or any additional information. For example, unlike the several source dictionaries upon which it is based, most official Scrabble word lists, like simple spell-checking word lists, do not include word definitions or other information.