Words With Friends Cheat Help

Use Words With Friends Cheat to win at Words With Friends, Wordfeud tm, Scrabble tm or other popular word games using the entire board.

Starting a New Game

A new game is started when visiting Words With Friends Cheat the first time. To clear the board of any tiles and start a new game, click . If you’re logged in and have a saved game open it will be saved before the board is cleared. If you’re not logged in the current game will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

You must be logged in to save more than one game.

Word List

Words With Friends Cheat uses a modified version of the Enable word list.

Words With Friends Cheat can use any of the following word lists:

  • Tournament Word List (TWL).
  • Words with Friends
  • CSW (Collins Word List – replaces SOWPODS)
  • SOWPODS (old).
  • French (ODS5)
  • Dutch (TAAL)
  • Italian (Zingarelli)

Enter Rack Letters

To find solutions for your rack letters, enter the letters in the box labeled RACK and click Go. Answers will be displayed in the right panel.

Tip: iPad and iPhone users, use two fingers to scroll through the list of answers. Preview the answer by touching the Score or Rank. Choose the desired answer by touching the underlined link.


Answers can be sorted alphabetically, by score, or by rank. Sort the answers by clicking on the column name.

Enter Opponents Letters

Enter the opponent’s letters directly on the playing board.

If you are on a Desktop Computer:

Click on the desired board position and an arrow will appear indicating the current direction. Holding the SHIFT while entering letters will force letters to be entered vertically, regardless of the direction of the arrow.

Letters may be removed using the backspace key. Hold the SHIFT key and BACKSPACE key simultaneously to delete vertically placed letters.

If you are using Touch Screen device:

When using a supported touch screen device such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, letters can be entered directly on the board by touching the square on the board where the first tile will be placed. The keyboard should appear and letters can be typed using the device’s keyboard.

Blank Tiles

Any letter on the playing board can be designated as a blank by typing over the letter with an asterisk (*) or a period (.). The color of the letter will change to red and the used letter board will be adjusted accordingly.

Correcting Mistakes

It is possible to remove the last word placed on the board by clicking the Undo button.


Word definitions will be displayed in the area below the playing board whenever the mouse hovers over a word on the board or in the answer list.

Saving a Game

The playing board, rack, and word list are saved automatically when ‘Go’ is clicked. Games that have been given a name will also be saved automatically when a New Game is started or when an existing game is opened from the Games list.

You must be logged in to save more than one game. Click to save a game and give it a name.  The following dialog will appear:

Enter up to 10 letters or numbers to form a name. A name cannot exceed 10 characters in length. Click  to save the game. The new game will appear on the Games tab. Up to 20 games can be saved. Exceeding the 20 game limit will result in the oldest games being deleted automatically.

Click to cancel saving the game.

Opening a Saved Game

Open a saved games by either clicking and selecting the desired game from the drop down menu, or by simply clicking on the game name on the Games tab.

Deleting Games

To delete a single saved game click on  , then select the game from the drop down menu. Click to delete the game. Once deleted, the game can no longer be retrieved.  Click to delete all the games.

Alternately, games can be deleted from the Games tab. Click the checkbox next to one or more games on the Games tab, then click the “Delete Selected” button.