Text Twist Help

Watch the Text Twist Tutorial

Play Text Twist by finding all the words that can be made using the letters shown in 2 minutes. Get on the high score list by beating out other players. Need strategy help? Get Text Twist Tips.

Type a letter, click on a letter, or for those on a phone or tablet, touch a letter. The letter will be appended to the list of letters used to form a word. Letters can only be used once for each answer.
If you make a mistake, click UNDO or use the backspace key. The last letter typed will be removed. If you want to delete all the letters, just click ADD, there is no penalty for wrong answers
When you believe the letters you’ve typed make a word, click ADD or press enter. The score for your answer will be displayed above the playing area. There are two ADD buttons, they both do the same thing. Click either one.
It is possible, and quite handy, to reuse letters to form a new word. Click REDO instead of ADD to use the current letters and leave them on the board to be used again. If there are no current letters, the last set of letters will be shown in the answer area. You can UNDO or append to reused letters. When typing, you can type a period (.) to redo the last set of letters.
If you get stuck, try shuffling the letters. Click the shuffle button or type a space to shuffle letters.
The clock can be stopped and you can take as long as you’d like to solve the puzzle. If you take longer than 2 minutes your score will not be eligible for the high score list. If the clock is restarted it will catch-up with the amount of time that has elapsed since the start of the game. If more than 2 minutes has passed the puzzle will be solved.
If you want to start a new puzzle before before the current puzzle finishes, click NEW. Alternately, you can refresh the page.
To submit your answers without waiting for the timer to expire, click SOLVE.
Click the Help button to display this page

Text Twist answers are common English words. Obscure words, offensive words, slang, abbreviations, and proper nouns are not valid when playing Text Twist. If you’d like to play a more challenging game with longer puzzles and harder answers, play Words in a Word!