Polygon Word Game Help


Polygon is a word game similar to Words in a Word. A polygon is displayed containing various letters and words must be made from those letters. Each letter can only be used as many times as it appears in the puzzle.

The Polygon word game differs from Words in a Word in that a word is only valid if it contains all the letters in the same order as they appear in the center of the polygon.

The letters in the center of the polygon are common prefixes, suffixes, or unusual sequences of letters. Polygon will test your knowledge of certain word forms and their occurrence in the language. Puzzles typically have between 40 and 100 valid answers. Polygon is not a typing contest.


  • Words can be made using any combination of letters from the polygon, but must contain all of the letters in the center of the polygon in order.
  • Letters can only be used as many times as they appear on the puzzle.
  • Words must exist in the selected word list.
  • Words must be at least 4 letters long.
In the Polygon to the right, “ACTION” is valid. “PAINT” is not valid because it does not use all of the letters in the center. “TONIC” is not valid because the letters ION do not occur in order.

Can you find a word in the Polygon that uses all the letters?


  • Add 1 point for each letter, then subtract 3.
  • Add 5 more points if an answer contains all of the letters in the puzzle.
  • Deduct 1 point for each invalid answer.
  • Duplicate answers are ignored.
  • Scores are not eligible for the High Score list unless they are submitted within 3 minutes from the time the puzzle starts.


Letters should be entered in the text field to the left of the timer. Letters may be entered in upper or lower case. Invalid characters are automatically removed from the text entry field.

After completely entering the desired answer, type SPACE, TAB, or ENTER. Your entry will move to the answers text field below the entry text field. Entries will be added to the answer list without being validated. Answers will only be validated after the game is over.

Answers may be removed from the answer list before the puzzle has been submitted by clicking on the Remove Last button, or typing Shift + Delete or Shift + Backspace.