StoreFinder Word Games provides a collection of popular word games and the tools to solve them. Many of these games can be found in puzzle books or the local newspaper. This site offers daily word games and tools to help solve these and other word games. You can even make your own puzzles!

Scrabble Helper

make words form letters to help in virtually any word game including Scrabble, Words with Friends, Literati, WordFeud, Lexlous, and more…

Scrabble Cheat

find the optimal plays using the entire board while playing Scrabble, Words with Friends, Literati, WordFeud, and Lexlous.

Word Search Puzzle Maker

Make your own word search puzzles and print them in HTML, Text, or PDF formats. The Word Search Puzzle maker is simple to use. Create puzzles from scratch in minutes!

Is It Scrabble Word?

The Scrabble Word Validator will tell you if a word is valid in one of the most popular word lists used in Scrabble, Words with Freinds, WordFeud, or other similar word games.


Boggle and and a few variations of Boggle. A grid of letters is presented and you must trace through the grid making words. Try 4×4, 5×5, Quick Boggle, Wild Card Boggle, where any letter can be replaced in one position in the grid.

Word Jumbles

Have you ever played a word game where it was necessary to unscramble letters to form a word? Perhaps you have played Jumble , Boggle , or other similar word games and got stumped. If so, this is the place to find all the words that can be made from a randomly ordered set of letters.

Words in a Word

This popular word game requires finding all the words that can be derived from its letters. This is similar to unscrambling words, but has the added challenge of permitting use of only some of the letters. A tool for solving these games is also provided.

Crossword Solver

have you found yourself stuck on a crossword clue? Search through millions of crossword puzzle clues to find the answer you’re looking for with our Crossword Solver.

Crossword Helper

crossword puzzlers, hangman players and cryptogram solvers may find this little tool quite nifty. The Crossword Helper generates a list of all words where the word size and some of the letters are known. For example, show all the seven letter words starting with “J” with an “S” in the third position.

Crossword Challenge

This game present clues and you must provide the answer. As the clock ticks down letters are filled in eventually revealing the clue. Type in the clue before the time runs out.


also known as Ciphers or Cryptoquotes, are word games where letters in messages, sentences, or quotations are exchanged for other random letters to form an encrypted message. Jump to this page and find new puzzles, a tool for encrypting messages, and even a tool for revealing encrypted messages.

Multi-Word Morph

Multi Word Morph will find a path from one word to another by changing one letter in a word to form another word. The Word by word tool can help solve the puzzle by displaying all words that can be formed by altering one letter.