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Crossword Answers:the bulldogs of the ivy league
YALEThe Bulldogs of the Ivy League
ELIBulldog of the Ivy League
MSUThe Bulldogs of the SEC
UGAThe Bulldogs of the S.E.C.
OTTOBulldog of the comics
YALEBOWLHome of the Ivy League's Bulldogs
UPENNThe Quakers of the Ivy League, briefly
PENNThe Quakers of the Ivy League
ITHACAHometown of the Ivy League's Big Red
YALIEBacker of the Bulldogs
SENTENCEDTOYALEIn the Ivy League against one's will?
TUITIONIt's big in the Ivy League
OCTETSchools in the Ivy League conference, e.g.
CORNELLThe Ivy League's Big Red
CAROL"The Holly and the Ivy," e.g.
HOLLYChristmas song, The ... %26 The Ivy
YALIESFans of the bulldog Handsome Dan
DRUMMONDBulldog of fiction
IVORYFor key material the Ivy has an alternative (5)
ELISTheir mascot is Handsome Dan the Bulldog
JIM DYMOCK Bulldogs lock signed by the Eels during the Super League war (3,6)
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"Sex and the City" actor Handler
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Plan to trick someone out of their money
Day-___ (fluorescent, like some paint)
Pilot an airplane
"Quantico" network
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Word represented by an ampersand
Get off ___-free (escape punishment)