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Crossword Answers:public officer of old rome
TRIUMVIRPublic officer of old Rome
CONSTABLEPublic officer
INTENDANTPublic officer being mean to worker (9)
NOTARYPublic officer
MAGISTRATEPublic officer administering the law (10)
DOGEFollow Eastern public officer (4)
TRIUMVIRIForeign public officers produced half the trials with hesitation for sixth king of Galway (9)
TURKUSMAXIMUSBiggest bird of old Rome?
CAPITAHeads of old Rome
LARHousehold god of old Rome
REXKing of old Rome
HORACEOdist of old Rome
EDILEOfficial of old Rome
ASTRAStars of old Rome?
ITERWay of old Rome
TOGAWraparound of old Rome
SENATESupreme council of old Rome
OSTIAHistoric port of old Rome
NERO"Fiddler" of old Rome
CATO"The Censor" of old Rome
TAXMENPublicans of old Rome
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