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Crossword Answers:kid of jazz
ORYKid of jazz
ILSAThe "kid" of "Here's looking at you, kid"
MAYS"Say Hey Kid" of baseball
CISCOKid of 1950s TV
DENNIS THE MENACE Kid of the comics
POORIEPOORLoaded kid of the comics
MINEOThe Switchblade Kid of cinema
OPIERedheaded kid of Mayberry
ODEKid of poetic work
SID"The Science Kid" of PBS
ROLLOWealthy kid of the comics
XERKid of a boomer
ROBERTThe Sundance Kid of movie; ... Redford (6)
RASCALS"Little" kids of film
GENXKids of boomers
XERSKids of boomers
ALATEENSupport group for kids of substance abusers
MILITARYBRATSKids of armed forces personnel
GARBAGEPAILDisgusting "kids" of a fad
OCTETThe Bradford kids of '70s-'80s TV, e.g.
JENNABarbara and ___ (Twin kids of former President George W. Bush)
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