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Crossword Answers:Cable network sports award
ESPYCable network sports award
ROONEArledge formerly of network sports
NFLTV's ___ Network (sports presenter)
GEENADAVISCUPActress's sports award?
MVPSports award
CUPSports award
TROPHYSports award
BYESports award?
VARSITYLETTERCollege sports award
TENCoveted sports award
ESPYSCable sports awards
ESPNSports cable network
NBATVSports league-backed cable network
SPYSAnnual sports awards
POSTSEASONWhen sports awards are given, usually
TROPHIESSports awards
USA"Psych" cable network
TNTAtl.-based cable network
TNNC & W cable network
BETCable network
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