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Crossword Answers:Brought forth
BORNBrought forth
BIRTHEDBrought forth
SIREDBrought forth
BEGOTBrought forth
BEGATBrought forth
EVOKEDBrought forth
EDUCEDBrought forth
BOREBrought forth
HADBrought forth
SPAWNEDBrought forth
GRASS"And the earth brought forth ___" (Genesis)
BUDS"...and brought forth ___" (Num. 17:8)
AGO"... ___ our fathers brought forth ..."
BREDBrought forth essential food, we hear (4)
NATION"... brought forth on this continent a new ___..."
FIRST BORN "And she brought forth her ___ son" (Luke 2:7)
ABROAD"And he brought him forth ___" (Gen. 15:5)
TO AND FRO Back, forth, back, forth...
THEDOVE"Again (Noah) sent forth ___" (Gen. 8:10)
RAVEN"And he sent forth a ___" (Gen. 8:7)
ASON"...and shall bring forth ___": Matt.
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